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Welcome to America, Papa Francesco! ♥ 9/26/15

In honor of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States, we would like to share with you prayers written by our 7th graders. In class they learned about spontaneous prayer from St. Paul’s letter to Philemon. This book of the Bible lays out the format to spontaneous prayer. The students have been practicing this form of prayer, and as an assignment were to create their own in honor of the Pope. We are sharing one prayer each day of the Pope’s visit.


“Dear Loving and Merciful God,
We thank you for the wonderful Pope you have bestowed upon us, and for this opportunity to deepen our Catholic faith. Thank you for allowing our whole country to experience the grace and kindness of the Pope. We pray for protection of the Pope and all world leaders. We ask you to prepare us in our faith, and let us be merciful and compassionate. Make us strong faithful followers like Pope Francis. We pray to you almighty Father.

Posted September 26th, 2015