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The Be Kind People Project Visits SS. Simon & Jude Cathedral School

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Last year, on Arizona Gives Day, SSJ partnered with The Be Kind People Project, and raised funds for this assembly to come to our school. It was a GREAT start to the school year – impressing on the children the importance of being kind, and being respectful, and being honest, etc.

The Be Kind Crew CONNECTS with students through hip hop, spoken word, and lots of interaction…and the message is what TO do, instead of what NOT to do.

The Crew presents school assemblies that teach HOW to be kind and The Crew members serve as positive and approachable examples of kindness. It’s just COOL to see what happens to hundreds of kids inspired. And learning with excitement. And dancing. And smiling. And fully engaged. And thanking their teachers at full volume.

You can check out the Be Kind People Project’s website here, to read more about what they’re about.

Posted August 24th, 2015