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We are celebrating “Super Hero Week” by having “Super Field Day!!” for our students. Today was DAY ONE!!  Our students were decked out in their “super” outfits – doing field events. Some of the events we have going on are:

  • Four Ball
  • Capture the Shield
  • Obstacle Course
  • Speedy Spider Scooters
  • Green Lantern Sprout
  • Soccer
  • Flag Tag
  • Volleyball
  • Hurdles

One of the best things about Super Field Day is that our 8th Graders are dressed up as super heroes and they are running the stations for the younger grades. SUPER CUTE!!

Today was Kindergarten through 4th Grade’s turn, and tomorrow it will be 5th, 6th & 7th’s turn. Great job to our awesome Athletic Director, Justine Keebler, for putting together a wonderful event for our students!! SUPER SUPER FUN!!!!!
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Posted April 30th, 2014