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SSJ Helping to Make a World of Difference – Re Bokamoso Project

Re Bokamoso was founded to provide children around the world with the uniforms they need in order to attend school and unlock their future. Last year, our 8th graders did a fundraiser for this organization and raised over $900. This year, the 7th graders are taking over the fundraising and we hope to raise even more money so that kids around the world can get uniforms and have the chance to receive an education.
There have been three fundraisers this week:
1. There is a large jar filled with sour watermelon candy in the library. For 50 cents, students can make a guess as to how many M&M’s are in the jar. The person with the closest guess will win the whole caboodle!
2. On Tuesday, we had uniform infraction day. The students could come to school with shirts untucked, a non-uniform shirt on, colorful socks, colorful shoes, or even a hat. Each infraction cost one dollar.
3. Finally, today we had a popsicle sale at lunch time. ($1 popsicles)
Stay tuned as we calculate all of the donations – and we will have an update next week! THANK YOU to everyone for your participation!! We really can help to make a WORLD of difference!

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Posted May 14th, 2015