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SSJ Family Bingo – a Wonderful Success!!

After a rainy Saturday with record rainfall, we decided to postpone our SSJ Family Bingo Night 24 hours to Sunday night – and pray that people would still be able to come. We’re happy to report that LOTS of our families did make it to Bingo tonight. The weather was beautiful – a perfect evening for a cookout and games for the kids outside, until Bingo started in Smith Hall at 6 p.m. Everyone got down to Bingo and LOTS of good old fashioned fun was had by all!!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out tonight – the spirit of SSJ was alive and well – and it was a wonderful event!! Thank you so very much to everyone who helped tonight – from cooking the hot dogs and ZipBurgers, to serving, to selling bingo cards, t-shirts, rosaries, and food in the snackbar, to our guest callers, and our student ambassadors who helped the night run smoothly. It was an AWESOME evening at SSJ!! We are so thankful for our amazing, vibrant, loving community. ♥

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Posted September 28th, 2014