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SS. Simon & Jude Students in the Aerospace Challenge at ASU

On Monday, 35 of our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students participated in the Honeywell/Fiesta Bowl Challenge. They designed a base for people to live and work on the moon.  Just a few of the challenges that they had to deal with were:

  • How to maintain a supply of oxygen/food and water;
  • How to protect themselves from solar radiation; and
  • How to mine Helium 3 from the surface rock, process it and return it to Earth to be used as a new energy source.

These students had a chance to practice each of the 15 DWP skills while working on this project.  We would like to recognize those students at this time.

Emily Miller
Madison Spencer
Shannon Shields
Gracia Cholla
Joey Kelly

Kelli Rasmussen
Savannah Wasson
Eve Worden
Diego Ramirez
Michael Nielsen

Maria Boby
Grace Clark
Felicity Hacker
Danny Stickell
Robbie Garrett

Natalie Statt
Calista Kistler
Samantha Salim
Jackson Garcia
Bryce Dyer

Kids’ Choice Award:
Anna Abraham
Abby Klein
Haley Pulliam
Thaddeus Tanner
Vincent Dozeman

Honorable Mention:
Ogadimma Alilonu
Abby Converse
Tessa Gaynor
Nick Popolizio
Joey Mulkern

Finalist Team:
Representing SSJ in the Final Competition 2/22/14
Anne Wagner
Rachael Osborne
Chad Nierva
Austin Ballacer
Joel Miller

winning team

The Finalists: Rachael Osborne, Anne Wagner, Joel Miller, Austin Ballecer & Chad Nierva

aerospace 3

Channel 10 News interviewing our SSJ students at the Aerospace Competition

aerospace 2

Channel 12 News interviewing our SSJ students at the Aerospace Competition

Click here to see the Fox 10 interview at the competition.

And here is the video from Channel 12 news.

We are so proud of our students!

Posted February 6th, 2014