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Phoenix Symphony at SS. Simon & Jude Cathedral School

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SS. Simon & Jude Cathedral School was honored to welcome the Phoenix Symphony today. As part of their Education and Community Engagement Program, the Phoenix Symphony visited our school and thoroughly entertained our students.

At 9:30 a.m., our Pre-K through Third Grades enjoyed a concert called The Building Blocks of Music, moderated by Laurie Selby, Cellist. In this interactive, musician-led program, our students were introduced to the four instruments of the string family, learning the science behind how they produce sound and explore the world of the composers who wrote the music.

At 10:30 a.m., it was time for the 4th through 8th Grades to enjoy the Symphony in a concert entitled The Science of Sound, moderated by Mark Dix, Violinist. The science behind how a musical instrument functions is fascinating. This concert reinforces scientific principles and vocabulary such as frequency, vibration, amplification and pitch, allowing the students to experience these concepts first-hand through the unique lens of music.

Thank you to Ms. Dian D’Avanzo on the violin, Mr. Christopher McKay on the viola, Mr. Jan Simiz on the cello and Mr. Steve Koscica on the bass.

Special thanks to Mr. Jack Thomas, Chair of the Education Committee and Board of Overseers for the Phoenix Symphony, and our own Maya and Benjamin Thomas’ grandfather, for bringing this concert series to our school. We are fortunate to be the first Catholic school in the Valley to be a part of this educational outreach of the Phoenix Symphony.

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Posted May 12th, 2015