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Kind Words for Our Winning Aerospace Team

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We received a lovely letter from the Honeywell representative who was with our students on their trip to Houston and the Johnson Space Center. We thought you would like to hear his kind words, and how he viewed this very special group of students:

“This team was truly impressive in all aspects.  Firstly, to come out as the winners of the Aerospace Challenge says a lot about your academic skills, work ethic, poise, and communication skills.  These attributes will all be wonderful additions to your resume’s one day.  But over the years as I have hired many, many engineers and managers, I’ve always looked to couple a ‘great’ resume’ with exceptional life skills, and that is usually where I probed at during a job interview.  In this case, I was able to witness firsthand what exceptional life skills this group already has.  Your behavior was commendable, and your excitement and ability to have fun was contagious and shows you are well balanced.  You also showed how to be caring (as when Annie wasn’t feeling well), and your overall interaction with everyone you met on the tours, restaurants, etc. was polite and sincere.  I am just so excited for all of you to see where your ambitions and careers will ultimately take you.  I wish you all the best in whatever your lifetime pursuits may be.  For sure, Honeywell would be incredibly lucky to have you on board some day to contribute with your technical and life skills!!”

We are so proud of our team – and their exceptional teacher, Mrs. Hill.

Posted May 13th, 2015