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Happy Catholic Schools Week!!

Each year, in January, we celebrate Catholic Schools for the gifts they bring to our parish communities, and to the lives of children and families throughout our nation. Catholic schools provide a safe and secure learning environment within a community of faith. Growing up in a Catholic community provides children with a lived experience of Christian discipleship. Children learn what it means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, they practice living the values of the Catholic religion, and share the journey of faith.

Today kicks off Catholic Schools Week!! We had an assembly to start the day, and welcomed a special guest: Mr. Jim Pavlacka and he serves as the Director for National Catholic Education Association Leadership Development. SSJ was his first stop on a very busy three days in the Valley, visiting Catholic schools during Catholic Schools Week.

We celebrated our Loreto Sisters with cards and posters. The Loreto Sisters are so dear to us…they are the solid foundation on which our school was built so many years ago – and we are so blessed to have them here yet today. ♥

Finally, the students all brought canned goods for our St. Vincent de Paul Pantry today. We had a procession from the assembly to the Pantry, while praying the Rosary. It was lovely and powerful to see how TOGETHER – we can do great things!!!

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Posted January 30th, 2017