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First Annual SSJ Fine Arts Night a HUGE Success!

Our First Annual Fine Arts Night at SSJ was held last night – and it was an absolutely beautiful event. Our students are indeed talented and we thank Mrs. Barr and Mrs. Pulliam (and their team) for their extraordinary efforts in putting together the Art Walk. “A picture is worth 1000 words” has never been more true. As you can tell from the pictures, the artwork was amazing – so much talent!

The Art Walk opened at 6 p.m., and people could walk through and be amazed at the talent of our young artists. Mr. Love and his team produced an excellent Band & Choral Concert that followed, and the students shined once again. The song selection was superb.

Our Lady of Loreto Center Gymatorium was packed, and the energy in the room was electric. :) Thank you to everyone for coming and honoring our young artists and musicians.

A HUGE thank you to Mr. Love and his production team, and to our amazing volunteers for the beautiful job you did displaying all of the artwork and for filling our hearts and souls with so much beauty!! It was truly inspirational!

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Posted May 8th, 2015