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Farewell, Pope Francis!! ♥


Today Pope Francis is leaving the United States. It has been an honor and a blessing to our nation to have him visit. He invokes love and peace with every word he speaks, and we are truly blessed to have him as our Holy Father.

In honor of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States, we would like to share with you prayers written by our 7th graders. In class they learned about spontaneous prayer from St. Paul’s letter to Philemon. This book of the Bible lays out the format to spontaneous prayer. The students have been practicing this form of prayer, and as an assignment were to create their own in honor of the Pope.

Dear Loving Creator of the Most High,
I thank you for the gift of Pope Francis, who strives to lead us in the direction of your light. I thank you for choosing him to become the Pope, as he is very unique and he’s helping me see the world with fresh eyes. Thank you, O Lord, for letting Pope Francis come to visit us in the United States. I ask you to protect him on his journey here and guide him to say the right words as he teaches. Please help him to spread the message of your mercy and our call to serve the poor. Help Pope Francis make a difference int he political world by erasing all corruption that lies there. Let Pope Francis give our country fresh eyes in the light of your loving heart, Lord. Thank you for the goodness that lies in Pope Francis’ heart, and let it spread to others. I thank you for letting Pope Francis set a good example by serving the poor, and let us all follow his footsteps. Thank you again, Most Gracious God, for letting him come to this blessed country. Through Our Most Glorious Father, I pray.


Posted September 27th, 2015