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Congratulations SSJ – Team Artemis!! 2015 Honeywell Aerospace Champions!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to SSJ Team Artemis for WINNING the 2015 Aerospace Challenge!!! The students on the team are: Abby Converse, Annie Dieckman, Emily Fortine, Tessa Gaynor and Joseph Mulkern.The Aerospace Challenge is sponsored primarily by Honeywell, the Fiesta Bowl and American Airlines. The challenge is to design a lunar base for up to 50 people to live for two years. They must consider physiological factors such as air, water, waste and protection along with a list of others. Their mission on the moon is to mine for Helium 3, process it and return it to the Earth to be used as a power source.Preliminaries were held on Feb. 9, 10, 11 at ASU Polytechnic Campus in Mesa. (SSJ was represented by 5 teams this year; 7th and 8th grade students.) Over 300 teams competed on those days, with 6 teams advancing to Finals. The six finalist teams competed at the Wells Fargo Corporate Learning and Events Center in downtown Phoenix on February 28th. Each team is allowed 10 minutes to present their project to a team of judges from Honeywell. Afterward, there is a 5 minute question period where the judges can ask questions regarding more specifics.

The is the FOURTH win for Ss. Simon and Jude!! The competition began in 1999. We have competed since 2000. We have had a total of 20 teams in finals (14 of the 15 years that we have been participating). We are the only school to win more than once! (

The winning team will be going to one of the local news channels to do an interview some time either this week or next. Then, we will have a VIP, all expenses paid trip to the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas before the end of the school year. And next January, we will be on the field of the Fiesta Bowl game during one of their scheduled time outs to wave to the crowd while the school name and each individual team member’s name is displayed on the jumbo-tron screen.

At both preliminaries and finals, the students helped to focus themselves beforehand with a team prayer, without any prompting from their teacher – which speaks volumes! We love our students here at SSJ – and we are so proud of our WINNING team!!

finals with Astronaut Dr  Ed Gibson
The man in this photograph with our students and Mrs. Hill is astronaut Dr. Ed Gibson. He was in space on Skylab for 84 days, which was the US space lab before the International Space Station. He gave a presentation after the finalist teams presented, while the judges were out of the room determining the winner!

Posted March 1st, 2015