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Catholic Schools Week – Diocesan Mass at SS. Simon & Jude Cathedral


What a BEAUTIFUL Mass today! Today is a very special day during Catholic Schools Week. Students and administrators come from schools throughout the Diocese of Phoenix to celebrate together. We are different but the same – and together are blessed with the gift of Catholic education.

Today’s Mass was particularly special, because we had FIVE Bishops with us to celebrate. Bishop Olmsted and Bishop Navarres from the Diocese of Phoenix, Bishop Gerald Kicanas from the Diocese of Tucson, Bishop James Wall from the Diocese of Gallup, NM, and Bishop Gerald Nicholas Dino, an American prelate of the Ruthenian Catholic Church. He is the fourth and current bishop of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Phoenix. What a beautiful blessing and a awesome sight to have five Bishops on the altar today celebrating Mass.

From here, many of the school children and administrators, together with the Bishops, head down to the Capital to celebrate Catholic education – shown by our joy and our faith.

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Posted February 3rd, 2016