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6th Graders & Fossils

The 6th grade students recently concluded their geology and astronomy units and had an opportunity to experience these topics first hand. Each student was able to use their critical thinking skills to uncover the carbon remains of a fossilized fish from the Eocene Era (55 million years ago) and analyze how it was formed. A geology hike at A.S.U. gave them a chance to see similar formations right here in Arizona and to understand how our valley was formed. A tour of the ISTB 4 building gave students an understanding of space exploration that is within their reach with some of the work that is being done right here in Phoenix/Tempe. A chance to view a 3 D presentation of the universe and our unique place in it gave a new level of appreciation of God’s creation and how blessed we are to be part of His plan.

Posted May 2nd, 2019