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6th grade Geology Field Trip to ASU

The past to the present (and on to the future!)

After learning how we can see evidence of Earth’s past with the aide of geology, students are busy in class uncovering fossil remains of fish that lived 55 million years ago.  The rock samples are from Green River Formation in Kemmerer Wyoming.

geography 11  geography 12 Ancient eruptions of volcanic ash, mud cracks and fossilized worm holes are a few of the examples students were able to see in the sedimentary rock while on their recent Geology Field Trip.  With an understanding of tectonics they had an opportunity to see what occurred right here in the “Valley of the Sun” hundreds of thousands of years ago.

With the help of our P.E. coaches, students gathered data about their pulse rate during physical activity while hiking.  This will be graphed and analyzed with their iPads back in the classroom.

geography 2geography 7 geography 8geography 6 geography 5 geography 4geography 1geography 3

Using our knowledge of Earth we can then set our sights on other planets.  Students had a chance to tour an ASU science facility and see a scale model of the Curiosity Rover that is currently gathering data on the surface of Mars and scientists in the clean room, working on a component to go into space on a future mission.

Posted December 28th, 2014