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The Accelerated Reader Promotion at SSJ is in FULL SWING!!

We are at “READING FRENZY LEVEL” at SSJ!!  Every student in the whole school is reading like a little champ!!  Today was super busy, and the competition is FIERCE!  Fr. O’Grady has even come to “Check it Out” both yesterday and today!

The total pages read today for Kindergarten through 5th grade is 73,387 pages!!!!! Our top four classes for Kindergarten through 5th grade are:

  • 4th place – Mrs. Estfan’s class with 24,579 pages
  • 3rd place – Mrs. Burruel’s class with 25,295 pages
  • 2nd place – Mrs. Manos’ class with 27,699 pages
  • 1st place – Mrs. Smith’s class with 32,769 pages

In 6th through 8th grade, the total today was 1,527 points!!! Our top four classes for 6th through 8th grade are:

  • 3rd place – Mrs. Kelling’s class with 255 points
  • 2nd place – Mrs. Williams’ class with 811 points
  • 1st place – Ms. Hiskett’s class with 1,077 points!!  Wow! those 6th graders sure can read!!  This class earned the exact number of points for Wednesday’s winner last year!! What a coincidence!

Great job everyone!!  We still have three days left to read and test, so make sure to pick up a good book tonight and come to the library for more fun tomorrow!  Hope all you readers have a great night!!

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Posted April 9th, 2014