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Sunnyslope Project at Assembly Today

At today’s assembly, our SSJ community came together in the Spirit of Christmas and collected items for the Sunnyslope community. Every year, each student is assigned an item to donate by grade – for example, Preschool brings in diapers and… diaper wipes, first grade brings in body wash, other grades bring in paper towels and toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner, etc. We collect the items in laundry baskets and bring them to Sunnyslope, where they will hopefully brighten the lives of the people in that community. Mary and Greg Heiland graciously accepted the items on behalf of the Sunnyslope community, reminding our students that “Where charity and love is, there is God.” THANK YOU to all of the families who donated items, and thank you to Mrs. Pisciotta and the Heilands for making this giving opportunity possible!
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Posted December 17th, 2014