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SSJ 5th Graders Learn about the Antarctic – from Scientists IN THE ANTARCTIC!


On Thursday, January 23rd, our 5th Grade Students had an AWESOME opportunity to learn all about Antarctica – directly from scientists working in Antarctica!!  “Time for Kids” arranged a webinar for students all over the country to be a part of this exciting learning opportunity, and students had a chance to ask questions and communicate with the scientists in Antarctica!!


The students learned that:

  • Antarctica is the highest, driest, and windiest continent.
  • Antarctica is about the size of the United States and Mexico combined.
  • During Antarctica’s summer (December to March), the Earth is tilted so that the continent faces the sun all the time.  During Antarctica’s winter (June to September), as the Earth’s bottom tilts away from the sun, there is 24-hour darkness.
  • Antarctica does not have permanent human residents.  Scientists visit to study its environment and wildlife.


They even had the opportunity to hear from a penguin expert!  How FUN!  It was an exiting day for the students, and it’s a wonderful world we live in where learning opportunities like this are possible!!


Posted January 25th, 2014