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K-2 on iPads!

Are you ready to see the cutest video you’ve seen in a while?!

During the last centers the kids had in Kindergarten, Mrs. Mulligan thought it would be fun to let the kids walk around campus and take pictures of whatever they wanted to. Then be able to show them what they took pictures of.  They each had their own iPad and 15 minutes.  We stayed in a group and moved around the campus.  The kids were welcomed by all the kids and teachers/staff.  When Mrs. Stoutenberg and Mrs. Hidalgo took a look at all the pictures, there were well over 3000 pictures taken!  Thanks to Mrs. Stoutenberg, we can now all see the results of what the kids did.  Click on the link below for ANOTHER great memory of our kids in kindergarten.  Feel free to share with family and friends!

Happy Summer!!

Posted June 13th, 2014