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Inaugural Battle of the Books is a Winner at SSJ!

This year a group of risk-taking sixth grade students elected to participate in a Battle of the Books competition at SSJ.   Students read the ten nominees on the 2014 Grand Canyon Reader Award Intermediate list.  Questions for the books were developed by the Teachers As Readers group of the Phoenix West Reading Council of the Arizona Reading Association.   Two teams of students elected to “read and compete”.  The teams met in the library on April 15 to test their knowledge of the books.

“The Nerds” team consisted of Ryven Mangundayao, Gabrielle Soriano, and Anthony Hidalgo.  “The Good Burger” team consisted of Isaac Matti, Joseph Mulkern, and Joseph Olakkengil.  Both teams were so good that the competition had to be extended to the following day to finish all 50 questions and determine a winner.  In the end, The Nerds emerged as the winners.  Congratulations to Ryven, Gabrielle and Anthony.

The students were so enthusiastic with this competition and battle of reading wits that next year they want to open the completion to all fifth through eighth grade students and add more books to the list!  That is extreme reading and extreme excitement.

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Posted May 7th, 2014