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Catholic Schools Week – Highlighting Our Alumni – Sal Guardiola, ’06

Our next distinguished alum is Sal Guardiola, SSJ Class of ’06.

sal guardiola

“Saints Simon and Jude equipped me. I remember the third grade poem party, the presentation I did on Saint Juan Diego, and competing in the Honeywell/Fiesta Bowl Aerospace Challenge. Those projects prepared me for the task of delivering speeches in front of live audiences. I remember running for Commissioner of Publicity and later Student Body President. Those experiences gave me a foundation for leadership roles I would take on in high school and in college. I remember going to Mass, singing in the Christmas Pageant as the angel Gabriel, and taking on the role of Jesus in the Stations of the Cross. When I finally decided in college to become an intentional follower of Christ, those moments served to expand my understanding of just how much Jesus loves me. I remember the Fall Festival and Saint Patrick’s Day. Those celebrations showed me that there must always be a balance between work and play and that even if you are the principal, it is totally acceptable to break it down with an Irish jig. Finally I remember the teachers, the faculty, and the staff. Just as they inspired me to be the person that God calls me to be, I hope to inspire others to be the people God calls them to be.”


Posted January 27th, 2015