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Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A reflective, discerning, active Catholic who:

  • Demonstrates a working knowledge of Catholic doctrine, teachings, prayers, practices, traditions & sacred scripture
  • Participates in sacraments, liturgy & prayer, having the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Christ
  • Demonstrates respect for self, others, diverse cultures & all of God’s creation
  • Makes choices in light of Gospel values
  • Affirms God’s presence in everyday experiences
  • Practices forgiveness, compassion, tolerance & acceptance of others
  • Serves others and responds to social justice issues in our world

A self-disciplined person who:

  • Understands, practices and models the 15 skills taught through the Discipline with Purpose program
  • Exhibits a sense of responsibility and accepts the consequences of his/her action

An academically prepared person who:

  • Possesses fundamental skills in core academic areas
  • Practices oral and written communication skills effectively
  • Enhances learning by applying technological resources
  • Demonstrates effective learning strategies

A critical thinker who:

  • Applies acquired knowledge through critical thinking and problem solving
  • Interprets, analyzes, synthesizes, and evaluates information

A well-rounded person who:

  • Develops an aesthetic appreciation for visual, musical and performing arts
  • Promotes emotional and physical well-being through proper rest, good hygiene, balanced nutrition, and exercise